About Us

It is our mission to HELP YOU LIVE A HEALTHY LIFE by providing pesticide free, ready-to-use produce with unmatched superior quality.

We hand pick our choicest produce for you so that no matter where you pick our product from, we ensure you will get the same quality.


vision, mission, goal
pesticide free

100% COVID Safe

Neem & UV Washed

Hand Picked
Best quality

handpicked and best quality

Hand Picked for Your Comfort

Fresh, Nutritious & Tasty

fresh and tasty

<12 hours from Harvest to you

Clean and Pre-Washed

fresh and tasty

Ready to Use – Fridge to Fork


Naturale Aspires to:

  • Be the FIRST Health Brand in Fruits and Vegetables category in India 

  • Provide Healthy, Branded, Trustworthy, Affordable & Regular supply of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Provide Safe, Pesticide Free & Hygienic products
  • Provide benchmarked Immaculate Quality and Freshness across channels across cities
  • Meet  the needs of 40 million health conscious Indian households
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